Brands & Divisions

MAGAZINE FF GROUP The FF Group has a very dynamic fashion business unit that places it among the most important businesses in the fashion scene in Greece and South Eastern Europe. Loyal to its corporate goal of being named as one of the most important Groups in the global fashion sector, the FF Group is proud to take its business to an international level. Placing emphasis in the fashion element, the FF Group handles each brand as a distinct entity, ensuring that each brand’s DNA and philosophy is brought forward. From buying procedures, to retail and wholesale operations, from consumer care, to marketing and communications, the FF Group employs an unparalleled team of experts that work closely to secure the successful placement of each fashion brand to the markets in which it is distributed. With a corporate history full of success stories for many brands, the FF Group is acknowledged to be an ideal partner in Greece and other European markets for many globally acclaimed fashion houses, trendy brands, sportswear companies that may address many different audiences. With insightful strategic thinking, deep knowledge and understanding of the specificities of each market the FF Group team is bound to work restlessly to ensure the successful course of each brand in its portfolio in the market in which it is distributed. Whether for a wholesale account only, or for a more complex case that involves retail operations and a complete marketing and communication plan, the FF Group is placed among the most hi-profile distributors in the European fashion scene.